Morgan Freeman embarked on a journey as The Story of God premiered on NatGeo

The Story of God with Morgan Freeman premiered last Sunday on National Geographic, and is set to air all 5 episodes in Spanish on Nat Geo Mundo, and  globally on National Geographic Channels in 171 countries, and translated or dubbed to  45 languages. As the executive producer, Morgan Freeman doesn’t narrate someone else’s story, but he …

About Meli

You are…

You’re young, socially active, culturally aware, and of strong faith. You’re a woman with a mission, sense of style, and sass. But, you can’t find content online that reflects who you are. You’re not alone. Actually, there are so many like us, and yes, I was one of them! For so long I looked for sites with content that would not only motivate me and inspire me, but that fueled social aspects of my life, and my faith. But as they say, if you go out looking for a solution and don’t find it, it’s because the solution was born. That is how Meli Eclectica™ was born.

Meli Eclectica™ Is…

A blog that started as a dream to share with you, my community, how faith invades different areas of my life. My hope is that through the stories shared here, faith starts invading your life. Gone are the days when we felt the need to separate our faith from our other activities. For a while now we’ve believed that an appreciation for pop culture, music, entertainment, and the world around us collided with our faith in God. That is no longer the case. We can see God through every piece of art, spending time with our friends, going to a concert, and more. Not only can we see him, but it is through art and culture that we gain unique opportunities to be the light and salt in this world. We make colors brighter, we intensify flavors. The pledge here is that I’ll only share something if it fuels your faith, and motivates you to share it with others.

Now About Meli…

I am a New Yorker living in Miami since 2001. My parents are from Colombia, where I lived on and off for part of my childhood and adolescence. I attended Florida international University, where I obtained a Bachelors of Science in Communications. They say college is hard, and it is, but spending five years diving into my biggest passion wasn’t hard at all. My brain works best at night either way, 😛

I’m a dancer, concert goer, and tech lover. People both fuel me and consume me, so I can easily enjoy life with the best on a Friday night, and spend my Saturday reading in the privacy of my room. In my younger years, I danced ballet, modern dance, jazz, tap, hip-hop, and Latin dance including folkloric.

I have been involved in concerts and events in Miami promoting faith-based artists, organizations, and causes since 2005. The pain was always the same: “I wish more people knew about them.” I wished more people had a way of finding out about live music and entertainment they already enjoyed. It was not until 2010 that I decided to do something about it. There have been so many roads, which have led me to where I am today, with this site for which I have so much hope for.

Professional Bio…

Melissa Vargas is an Emmy and Promax award-winning producer. She is the creator of Artesanal Group™ (formerly known as The MV Creative Agency™), and founder Cross Culture Collective™, composed of Cross Culture radio and magazine. She dedicates her creative space and time in Meli Eclectica™ where she talks about Pop and Miami culture, Christian entertainment, and how a single woman of faith navigates life in a fast-paced city like Miami.

She is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese. She has a passion for both technology and fashion, a fan of great music and searches to learn about it and promote it every chance she gets. Above all, her greatest passion is God. Her faith is a driving force for everything she does and has done until now, both professionally and personally.


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