31 Days of Remembrance

In September 27 of 2015 my family suffered a loss that shook our core. My grandmother, the matriarch of the family, Virginia Marin de Ramirez, left us to join my grandfather in heaven and make a place for the rest of the family. That’s how she would see it.

Spending the last few days of her life in Colombia with the rest of the family impacted my life in more ways that I imagined, so I wanted to take the time to honor her, my family, and to hopefully give you a glimpse of my heart and in doing so, motivating you towards your own family.

There’s be 31 daily posts regarding her life, family dynamics, and possibly new insights about sharing the gospel with our family.

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Should you have questions, feel free to use the contact Meli form or just comment in the post of the day. I’ll make sure to read your comments and if you leave your email, answer as best as possible.

This is a learning experience for me, both in writing and in sharing this part of my life with you. So I hope you appreciate and mostly, take away something of value to your life and your own relationships.

You’ll see here the list of posts I’ll be writing with the link so you can view them all.

This space isn’t mine, is ours. Hope you enjoy this journey with me.


Day 1 – She Left

Day 2 – When Reality Hits