“Killing Jesus” movie airs on National Geographic

We know Jesus was hated and not liked by some, worshipped and followed by others. But do we really know the thoughts inside the minds of the men responsible for his life ending on a cross?

These and more are some of the questions that the film adaptation of “Killing Jesus” attempts to answer.

The series will air tonight on National Geographic at 8/7c and is the third of the “Killing” book series written by Bill O’Rilley and Martin Dugand. The earlier books in the series are “Killing Kennedy” and “Killing Lincoln”.

Jesus with his disciples / National Geographic
Jesus with his disciples / National Geographic


Christopher Menaul wanted to direct the movie in such a way that it would appeal believers and non believers. And it did, in more ways than one.

The idea behind the book and film are to present the environment politically and socially around and during the time of Jesus. Today there are more than 2.2 billion Christians around the world, but what did it look like when He was walking here on Earth and who felt threatened by his presence?

Now for those Christians who have experienced an Easter or two within a Christian church, this may seem repetitive. But even in the movie “Passion of the Christ”, the environment outside of Jesus’ circle wasn’t widely presented.

The movie captures the ideology and beliefs of the high priests and governors, and of the people around Jesus, including family. It’s surprising to see a more in-depth look into people who to us Christians don’t seem as important, but were key in his life and death.

Caiaphas with the temple guards

Unfortunately the biblical counts are weak and sometimes even wrong, according to what we’re used to seeing and hearing, and honestly what we’ve made up in our minds happened during the time of our Savior. But there’s something to be said about the humanity of Jesus, who walked wanting to spread a simple message of love and had to adapt as people responded to his journey and his message.

Haaz Sleiman, the actor playing Jesus, is actually muslim and may be the first Middle Eastern to portray Jesus, which makes for an interesting twist but also win, since so much criticism arises with each actor that portrays Jesus in different movies and series.

“I was familiar with Jesus’ story from a very young age. It’s probably the most famous story of all time, one that touched me and inspired me as a child,” said the actor when asked how he prepared for the role.

The movie was produced by Mark Huffman and Aidan Elliot, and includes names like Kelsey Grammer, John Rhys-Davies and Eion Macken as part of the cast.

Grammer, a Christian, speaks of his faith and the more spiritual experience of the film:

“It sure does require a lot of faith. I’m a Christian. I think Jesus is the most remarkable human being that’s ever lived. I love the saying in the Bible, “He was made a little less than the angels, to become so much more.” The lessons he taught and the examples he gave resonate to this day. I’ve seen half of the producers on this set start to cry — when they talk about how “we’re going to shoot this scene today or that scene,” and then they well up a little bit. It’s a remarkable thing and I think that’s a great service to what is good about religion.”

This is a movie that MUST be watched. Whether you’re Christian or not, whether you agree with the movie completely or find the missing pieces, it’ll definitely open up your mind o a new perspective, it’ll place Jesus’ story in a culture, society, and political environment that many haven’t cared to see but should thoroughly comprehend.

If it doesn’t do any of the above, it’ll at least show you what others are learning, seeing, and maybe believing.

Tune in, watch, enjoy, and learn.

Meet Them Here: Sonar Zone

Sonar Zone
Tim Thomson – Sonar Zone

Tim Thomson

Sonar Zone


My name is Tim and I am a DJ and producer under the name Sonar Zone. I am also a partner is Deepsink Digital records. I also organise Dance for Justice ( www.facebook.com/danceforjustice ) A music event to raise money and awareness for Hope for Justice a charity aiming to end human trafficking.

Born in a small town in Scotland called Burntisland where I lived for many years until moving to the big city of Dunfermline.

I have always have a love for music, and was brought up listening to classical music. I love music despite the genres, so you could find me listening to anything from jazz, classical to nearly all styles of ‘EDM’

I was born into a Christian family and became a ‘Christian’ at an early age. This was all very well until I left home and then decided to be like the prodigal son and go and ‘see what I was missing’ After a few years a then re-dedicated my life to God, got baptised and got my life sorted out.

That’s a hard question as there are so many great djs and producers right now in the dance music scene, although if I had to choose I would say DJ Photographer, Simon Patterson and Mark Sherry are forging ahead in a unique sound of their own.

I take my musical inspiration from many styles and genres and this is reflected in my music. The genre it gets labelled under is uplifting trance music but there are many different styles in my music.

The best way to keep up to date with me musically is on my mixcloud site. There you can hear my latest dj mixes but also where I showcase my new tracks before they get released. I am signed to Fuzion Four Records and have a new track called ‘Renewal’ coming out soon. You can also hear my ‘mini-mixes’ regularly on UCB Beats Christian radio http://www.ucb.co.uk/beats and on Underground revival ( in Atlanta)

I am working on a few new tracks and have some remix projects coming up soon.






Website http://www.sonarzone.co.uk http://www.deepsinkdigital.com http://www.ucb.co.uk/beats


Sonar Mix – #138 by Sonar Zone on Mixcloud

Meet Them Here: Jalisa Faye

jalisa faye
Jalisa Faye

Jalisa Graham

Jalisa Faye

E-mail: teamjfaye@gmail.com

Jalisa Faye is a young, upcoming artist that loves God more than anything!

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Well I started out dancing first from age 3 or 4, and then I began singing more often in church at about age 7.

God has been in my life ever since I was a child. My mother was always leading worship from before I was born, so I was always surrounded by gospel music, whether it was listening to old Commissioned cassettes or my mom bringing me to choir rehearsals with her as a baby. Faith was instilled in me from the womb and music was always a prominent factor in my life.

My biggest musical influences would be Mali Music, Kierra Sheard, and Tye Tribbett.

People have definitely compared me to Mali Music. When I was younger, I was compared to Kierra Sheard.  But it’s often hard for me to compare myself with others because I draw from so many styles of music, I can’t stay in just one lane.

Right now, I have an EP entitled “The Prologue” that is available on all digital sellers [CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, etc.].

The EP was recently released on 7/18/14, so currently I am focusing on ministry and God willing, the next venture will be a music video for one of the records on the EP. 🙂





Meet Them Here: Minor Prophets

Minor Prophets
Minor Prophets

Minor Prophets


Minor Prophets? LadyK and BobbyG

We are based out of Fort Lauderdale. BobbyG is originally from The Bahamas, and LadyK is originally from The U.S. Virgin Islands

We started in 2005 originally as a trio but became a duo in 2008.

Yes, His word says he’ll never leave or forsake us. Our personal relationship and life experiences as Christians is reflected in our music.

The power music has to inspire and transform lives, influences us.

Group1 Crew

Our latest single “I Cry”






Single: I Cry

Meet The Here: Stitch Early

Lorenzo Nichols
Lorenzo Nichols

Artistic Name: Stitch Early

Full Name: Lorenzo Nichols

Who is Stitch Early? Stitch Early is a breath of fresh air. STITCH is an acronym for “Spiritually Touching Individuals Through Christ’s Hands” Early. This is what I look to do through my music, inspire!

Where are you originally from? I was born in Fayetteville, NC. My parents were in the military so I moved around a lot. When we left Japan we moved to Frederick, MD, which is where I now live.

When did you start doing music? I started to dabble in music in 1999. I didn’t really start to focus on my gift until 2007.

Has God always been in your life? How has that shaped your music? God has always played some part in my life. If not directly, then indirectly. When a relationship with God is forced you tend to run the other way. At least that was the case for me. I began to come closer to God when the relationship became a choice. Since then, God has been the driving force behind my music. His willingness to uplift is why I use my music to inspire all. It’s also the meaning behind my début album title ALL RISE. Which is an acronym for “As Life Leads Remember Inspiration Shall Endure”.

What (who) is your biggest musical influence? Outkast and NY hip hop was my foundation as an artist. As I said, I moved around a lot. I’ve lived in North America, Europe and Asia. So I’ve been influenced by all the different types of music I’ve met in these places. In my music you’ll hear Hip Hop, Rock, Jazz, R&B, and so on. Life’s experiences influence my music.

Whose sound would you compare yours to? I think that my sound is a melting pot. My travels have helped to build and broaden my sound. When I make music I want the listener to feel as if they are on a journey. And hopefully at the end of that journey they say I sound like me. Stitch Early.

What can people listen to from you? Recently I released my first single “FREE”. Its been doing great.

What are you working on? I just finished my début EP ALL RISE. It was released 7/11/14.

Where can people find you?

Facebook facebook.com/thenatn
Twitter twitter.com/thenatn
Instagram @stitchearly
YouTube youtube.com/welcomethenatn
Bandcamp stitchearly.bandcamp.com
SoundCloud soundcloud.com/stitchearly
Single FREE


Lorenzo cover2