Morgan Freeman embarked on a journey as The Story of God premiered on NatGeo

The Story of God with Morgan Freeman premiered last Sunday on National Geographic, and is set to air all 5 episodes in Spanish on Nat Geo Mundo, and  globally on National Geographic Channels in 171 countries, and translated or dubbed to  45 languages.

As the executive producer, Morgan Freeman doesn’t narrate someone else’s story, but he takes a journey every viewer gets to witness. As he asks very profound questions, he travels to the epicenters of each religion, belief, or school of thought, and learns from experts, priests, archaeologists, rabbis, and other religious authorities what their religion’s take on the question is.

Take for example last Sunday’s question, what happens after we die? He explores resurrection in the Christian faith and from the Jewish perspective, reincarnation from the Hindu, and even explores science and its takes on how to cheat death.

What’s interesting isn’t just the journey he’s on, which is quite amazing. To break the limitations on one faith and go around to find each religion’s view on the question makes the journey personable, it makes it vulnerable, even real. We’ve all asked those questions and for many of us one answer has sufficed. For others the question is more important than the faith itself, so the quest for the answer becomes almost like a personal religion. Here you have none. It is an almost child-like curiosity to find common ground and open up to conversation about these questions between people of all walks of life.

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I’m also impacted by the scenery, the places he visits. These are very important historical places. They are of great significance, way beyond their religious implications. I for one know that many of them are on my bucket list of places to visit. Others I didn’t even know existed! I mean the history lessons! I’m about to bust out with a notebook and pen, and just take notes. Don’t be surprised if you feel the same!

Here’s the thing, as a Christian I realize that as open-minded as I believe to be, there’s still so much to learn. We cannot be afraid of what’s outside of our bubble. In the end is not what you’re exposed to but what you allow to have an effect on you that really matters. This show isn’t going to change my faith. My faith comes from what God has done for me! PERSONALLY. There’s no point in believing in any god if that god cannot personally impact your life, for good. If he cannot change you, he’s of no value, to me.

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I’m fascinated by these shows because of all the information I get to consume. I’d rather be watching this than all the different Real Housewives (which I’m addicted to, pray for me), and all the other reality TV shows out there (except my pastors Rich Wilkerson Jr. and Dawn Cheré, Rich in Faith on Oxygen, that I’ll keep watching over and over). But they don’t get to change my faith nor make me question my God. He’s real to me today and every day, because of what happens when I have a relationship with Him.

So don’t be afraid. Watch it and educate yourself on what others believe. I think there’s something so loving about going the extra mile to understand others in order to have intelligent and gentle conversations. If we cared about what the other believes, maybe we could have a real positive impact in this world. We know we need it and BAD.

This is a 5-episode series, each centered on specific themes: Afterlife, End of Days, Creation, Who is God?, Evil, and Miracles. These are the questions Morgan Freeman travels with and tries to find the answer to in different beliefs.

The Story of God with Morgan Freeman is produced by Revelations Entertainment for National Geographic Channel. For Revelations Entertainment, Morgan Freeman, Lori McCreary and James Younger are executive producers.


Doors… Doors everywhere

I have a thing with doors. For one, when God speaks to me about opportunities, He always says “I’m opening a door for you, I’m giving you the key to a new door in your life…” And it’s always had a personal impact on me. Whenever I see them I see the beauty they hold.
Old doors tell a story of the great men be women who traveled through them. New ones aren’t only beautifully designed, but hold the hope of the stories they’ll hold. Doors separate darkness and light, old from new, and always create expectations of what could be on the other side.
It requires action from those curious to find out. It holds secrets. Behind closed doors some of the most of the most important conversations and events happen. Lives are changed, souls revived, passions ignited, love expressed. Doors create separation from the past and allow transition into the future. What do doors tell you?




Finding Strength in the Power of Worship

In the process of healing my mind, my heart, my everything, I’ve found the power of worship. When I’ve had episodes of terrible anxiety (like tonight) and have turned to worship, I’ve found healing. Spiritual healing alone may not be enough, therapy without divine intervention is worthless… But when the divine and the God-designed meet, there are unbelievable breakthroughs. To worship God while your chest is compressed, your stomach is shut, your head pounds and you start speaking His truth, declaring His word, and start speaking to the body to align with His word, something miraculous happens. My body was shocked by therapy as false truths were unearthed, but it was with worship that my body aligned with God’s truth that only He brings peace. If God is calling you to it, seek help for what ails your body, your mind, your soul. Ask for help and uproot all that the devil has planted deep in your subconscious, and worship Him as He performs surgery on your mind. Talk about a dynamite combination. Want a different life? Then you need to do things differently to obtain the results you know you need. Listen to Nike, just do it.Finding strength in the power of worship

The Benefits of Prompt, Complete Obedience to God

Christian Post
by Joyce Meyer
April 27.

Many years ago, when God was calling me to teach the Word full-time, my life was much different than it is now. We had three children at home at that time, and I was teaching one Bible study each week in our living room. Dave and I both had good jobs and we were comfortable financially. But God began dealing with me about quitting my job so I could stay home and study the Word more to prepare for full-time ministry.

Now, even though I believed with my whole heart that God was leading me to make this change and I had a strong desire to teach the Word and help people, it was scary to actually take this step of obedience. See, if I quit working full-time, we would be about $40 short of what we needed just to pay our bills each month. Along with that, at that time, it wasn’t very popular for women to teach and have a ministry like this.

So I kept my job until I was so miserable I couldn’t stand it. Then I quit my job and got a part-time job so I still had enough money to take care of myself instead of completely trusting God and obeying His direction.

I’m a hard worker and a good employee, so it was amazing to me when the part-time job didn’t work out and I got fired! At that point, it was very obvious to me that God was saying, “I told you I didn’t want you out in the work force, trying to take care of yourself. I want you to be home, studying and preparing by faith to do what I’ve called you to do.”

Part-time or Full-time Obedience?

This experience taught me a lot about how important it is to promptly and fully obey what God puts in my heart to do. Thankfully, I eventually submitted to His direction, through His grace, and stepped out in faith and trusted Him to make everything work out.

When I did this, somehow every month He provided the miracle we needed so we could pay our bills on time. And I had the time I needed to focus on studying the Word so He could prepare me to teach others how to have abundant life in Christ. But if I hadn’t been willing to trust God and obey Him completely, I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing today.

It’s a Choice We Have to Make

Romans 12:1 (AMP) says, “I appeal to you…and beg of you in view of [all] the mercies of God, to make a decisive dedication of your bodies [presenting all your members and faculties] as a living sacrifice, holy (devoted, consecrated) and well pleasing to God, which is your reasonable (rational, intelligent) service and spiritual worship.”

What the apostle Paul is saying here is, “I’m begging you to make a decision that you’re not going to live a mediocre, half-baked, sloppy life!” Notice that he also said doing this is “reasonable (rational, intelligent).”

It’s so easy to settle for less than God’s best for us because we don’t always feel like taking responsibility for our behavior or putting forth some effort to do what we need to do so we can accomplish great things for God and help people. But the cost of settling for less is actually harder than being completely obedient to God’s will.

It’s Always Worth It to Pay the Price

You may be thinking, “But Joyce, it’s so hard to do the right thing all the time! It’s hard to forgive the people who have hurt me. And it’s hard to keep a good attitude at work when my boss is unfair. It’s hard to be nice when people aren’t nice to me. It’s so hard to overcome the temptations I face every day…”

The truth is, what’s really hard is having no hope, peace, joy or the righteousness of God. It’s hard to be angry all the time and live with bitterness and unforgiveness. It’s hard to be miserable and deal with the consequences of ungodly behaviors, like being sick, or having hangovers or addictions to things that are just killing us anyway.

I really want you to get this today: Everything God tells us to do is for our good. Whether it’s direction you get in His Word or something He’s specifically put in your heart for your situation in life, the absolute best thing you can ever do is obey Him promptly and completely.

The Pathway to the Best Life

Obedience to God is the pathway to the life you really want to live. It’s the answer to overcoming sin and any problem you face. It’s the way we learn how to grow up and let God work in our lives, gently changing us so we can be what He created us to be.

When you feel like it’s too hard to obey God, remember that He will never tell you to do something without giving you the grace, power and ability to do it. The key is to trust Him fully and depend on Him for the strength you need to obey. God loves you and wants the best for you. Humble yourself before Him, and enjoy living with His peace, power and joy every day of your life!



The moment that brought DeAndre and his music back to life


We all have that catalyst moment, that one situation that makes us turn to God and forces us to weigh our life, the one we have vs. the one we know we ought to have. For DeAndre, it was his parents’ divorce.

Now a 23-year old father and husband, DeAndre grew up not only with music in his house, but with a true resident DJ. His father, a working DJ “always had gigs, but [they were] so diverse. Some days it was country, some days it was gospel, some days it was hip hop, some days it was R&B.”

The divorce happened during his last year of high school, and although he looked for a way out of the stress that came from seeing his family separate, he figured “there’s gotta be more in life than what I’m living for. Chasing this girl, chasing that high, I thought a night out with the fellas would just do I but was never satisfied.”

That is when he remembered the church days. His childhood days that taught him that when things got hard, when he was going through difficult situations, he could and should go to God. So he did and that’s when things started turning around for him and his music. “ I got plugged in at Calvary Chapel (Kendall) and I just started growing from there.”

Before that, DeAndre was already writing music. “I was always writing secular music and selling it to R&B groups, trying to make money off of it.” Part of his growth with God, though, was taking a step back from secular music, and stepping into music that glorified Him.

At the age of 21 he found himself distracted from work, just like every other creative person does. He found himself “writing little rhymes instead of focusing on my job, and it just kept calling me and calling me.” So without previous access to beats or equipment, he decided take his passion serious and make a commitment to what he knows how to do best, music.

Two years later, he’s now getting ready to release his first mix tape. A combination of original songs and covers, including secular ones “with a twist.” Songs that will not only talk about Jesus, but also about hope and life. There’s even a song called CHANGE, which he wrote about his parents’ divorce.

The mix tape may be his first project, but that doesn’t mean it lacks any bit of quality and renowned producers. He worked with Grammy award winning producer Tyshane Thompson, Black Knight, Big Juice and DBC for this project.

Showing his excitement about the project DeAndre said he “spent a lot of time, a lot of passion, wrote a lot of songs that didn’t even make it to the mix tape. I’m excited to hear the feedback.”

Although the mix tape is not out yet, DeAndre is already working on his first EP, a production that’s already getting buzz from some of his close childhood friends, one of which gave him all the beats for it. His friend was encouraged by what he’s doing so “he was just like ‘I just want to bless you with this’ and those beats cost a lot of money, but God is working.”

His support system includes wife, Yajaida Lundy, who met DeAndre while still in high school. “My wife is very supportive of what I do. I spend a lot of our money on my music and for her to just be behind it, that really chokes me up some times because I don’t deserve a woman like this. I’m happy that God has blessed me with a woman like Yajaida.”

DeAndre will be the opening performance for concert closing the three day conference, Life In 6 Words. He’ll be performing alongside Propaganda, Odd Thomas and miami-native Authentik.

You can listen to his music on soundcloud at